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Brand Design, Marketing + Art Direction

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Web Design + Management Solutions


With an end-user design led approach, I focus on creating bespoke experiences for my client’s customers that defy expectations. 

All projects begin with a brand review, ensuring that any web-based delivery achieves maximum impact not just for ROI, but to support the growth and integrity of established brands. 

Responsive design lies at the heart of each of my websites, giving clients peace of mind that their website is compatible across all web browsers, desktop or mobile. In kick-off sessions with clients, we develop an effective UX plan and site Information Architecture from the get-go, to avoid clutter and deliver a worthwhile experience to users. 

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Brand Marketing + Design

Defining identities + Telling stories

A strong, considered brand enables you to engage with diverse audiences on different levels and ensures your message is clear, meaningful and consistently delivered.

My client’s brand is my starting point. Whether it’s creating a brochure, developing a website or building a complete communications package, I always lead with the brand.

I take the time to immerse myself in the organisation and really get to know how they work, and kick off every project with a brand audit, reviewing current impact, desired goals, and lay the foundations for development opportunities. 

From brand strategy and blueprints, to identity, tone, and guidelines, I work closely with a superbly talented network to deliver a complete brand development package that works for clients. 


Internal Communications

SITE Management + TRAINING

Often your most valuable brand asset is unknowingly overlooked, undervalued, and underutilised. Quality internal communications are a must to keep staff and stakeholders in the loop. This encourages engagement, nurtures performance and loyalty.

My experience coordinating employee engagement programmes includes newsletters, HTML emails, social and other digital channels, across multiple countries, languages, and hundreds of staff or organisation members. Working closely with organisation stakeholders such as HR, recruitment and office management, I’ve spent the last year focusing on the roll out of internal comms strategy working towards company talent retention and acquisition objectives. 

Whether a business is innovating with products and services, looking to change brand direction and culture, or rewarding performance and loyalty – I can help deliver an exciting and compelling message that will positively ripple through any organisation.

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Rich’s strongest asset is his curiosity. He has a huge range of interests and knowledge, which he’s generous in sharing with others, and he’s always eager to learn more. It’s not only useful for the job he does – it makes him a genuinely interesting person to work with.

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